Pushback Shopping-Take back control

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Connecting UK consumers with local retailers and service providers to push back against the global tyranny being forced upon us by the globalists via their government and media puppets and uneducated local government officials.

  • Promoting the use of cash, precious metals and bartering.
  • Promoting local businesses, shops and services to local communities.
  • Promote real natural healthy food and local produce without all the additives and poisons forced upon us by the supermarket chains and the powers that be.
  • Eliminate the ever increasing amount of spying and surveillance.
  • Stop financing the big brands pushing their Woke Ideologies and Marxist Agendas upon us and our children.
  • Ensure local communities are connected in preparation for potential state enforced internet and communication blackouts.

If your business accepts Bartering, Bank Transfer, Cash, Crypto, Gold or Silver, values customer privacy with Minimal or Zero Surveillance to push back against the global tyranny being forced upon us you can add it for free.

Everything you can do to participate will help, even basic things for example trade gardening for fresh vegetables, window cleaning for fresh eggs, car washing for fresh fruit etc, the possibilities are endless. Add your Business or Services for free and join the pushback.